Our process for application specific battery development is designed to help you succeed by taking a stage-gated approach.

By walking through this process with us, you’ll be able to show progress each step of the way, so you can secure approvals and funding. Our process helps you manage risk and increase the likelihood of successful production of your application specific battery.

Can it be done?

With your specification in hand, we use theory and laboratory experimentation to determine if your targets are achievable. We want to determine early if your product can be engineered to meet your customer’s expectations and be fit for cost-effective scaling to production.

Here are some of the metrics you want to think about:

  • Power density
  • Energy density
  • Cost
  • Form Factor
  • Internal Resistance
  • Contacts / Terminals
  • Shelf Life
  • Weight
  • Safety Tolerance
  • Abuse Tolerance
  • Human / Environmental Toxicity
  • Additional Specialized Requirements

Ready to share them with us?

Prove it.

This is where the process gets exciting, because we can help you bring your product to life so you can get the buy-in you need to move toward commercialization.

By creating a prototype, we can give you something that works well enough to present your product. That keeps your budget intact, and moves you closer to your product validation.

In this phase we will also help you build out milestones and a timeline for mass production, laying the foundation for a successful product launch.

Let’s do it.

Now that you have your prototype validated, it’s time to gear up to full speed on the project. You will have a dedicated core team partnering with subject matter experts to bring your project to life. This phase of our process is exciting because you can move forward confidently knowing that your custom battery will deliver exactly what you need.

Even so, as we move through the project, our process is stage-gated, so you can manage risk more effectively.

Make it.

The whole point of the stage-gated development process is to reach successful production. Because we’ve stepped through each phase carefully, you are more likely to be successful. For production, we’ll provide everything you need to manufacture the battery at the necessary scale, cost and quality.